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A Dance Concert Designed To Connect

Pre-professional Dancers With Professional Dance Makers

Saturday, December 30, 2023

2:00 PM & 7:00 PM

The Match Theater


Terrill D. Mitchell

Stage Manager

Nick Rainey

Event Administrative Assistant

Jessie Ferguson




Choreographer: Olivia Morrow in collaboration with dancers


Musical Artist: Raime, Sarah Davachi, Sean McCann, OFFprojects, and Olivia Morrow

Aidan Aloma, Lauren Hodges, Madeline Payne, Carly Ross, Gianna Soliz, Skye Todaro, 

Aniya Wingate, Dina Wyatt



Visit Vitacca Ballet

Vitacca Ballet, Artistic Director Kelly Ann Vitacca

Choreographer: Sean Aaron Carmon

Musical Artist: Antonio Vivaldi

Ava Dempster, Coltin Snyder



*2022 HTX Connect Sessions Video Project*

Choreographer: Jess Hendricks

Videographer: EY Visuals

Musical Artist: JP Saxe/Ft. Julia Michaels


TIME (Premiere)

Choreographer: Terrill D. Mitchell

Musical Artist: Billy Porter

Aidan Aloma, Morgan Manning




FRACTURED (Premiere)

Choreographer: Christian Denice

Musical Artist:

Aidan Aloma, Lauren Hodges, Ralyn Johnson, Christina Jones, Madeline Payne, Carly Ross, 

Gianna Soliz, Skye Todaro, Aniya Wingate, Dina Wyatt


PH2LOSOPHIZE Your F2GURE: Act 2 (Excerpt)

Visit SoulEscape

Choreographer: Justin Giles

Musical Artist: Bon Iver

Courtney Hart, Jenna Monohan, Sarah Wales, Camille Wiltz, Rose Yager


FINE TUNING (Premiere)

Spaces Emerging Artists

Choreographer: Lenny Arnold

Musical Artist: Antwood, AGF

Allie Boerner, Adelaide Dieden, Piper McKenzie, Zara Poon, Josie Reyna, Lizzy Simmons, Sophia Soliz, Austin Steel, Becca Tirado, Ahmya Tovar, Lindsey Twellman, Hannah Walker, Bree Wanek, Jordan Woodall


SPACES (Premiere)

Choreographer: Terrill D. Mitchell

Projection Design: Nick Rainey

Costuming: Kaleigh & Ashli Tallo

Musical Artist: Koloto

Aidan Aloma, Dani Burren, Ellie Drotts, Lauren Hodges, Ralyn Johnson, Christina Jones, Morgan Manning, Madeline Payne, Carly Ross, Amelia Sarria,  Gianna Soliz, Skye Todaro, Aniya Wingate, Dina Wyatt

Performing Artists




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